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Data Analytics Made Simple and Accessible

Power up innovation and sustainability with your business data

Clarity. Insight. Growth.

We provide advanced analytics, interactive data dashboards and beautiful reports to foster smarter business decisions

Business Consulting

Unveil the path to success with our thorough consulting service.

We help you clearly identify bottlenecks and untapped business potential, informing an actionable strategy that drives growth in the data-driven economy.

Business Intelligence 

Stay ahead of the curve with streamlined and automated Big Data Analytics.

Our custom built data models, dashboards and reports provide timely and actionable insights for swift decision-making, quick response to market dynamics, and competitive edge.

Business Intelligence Workshops

Empower Your Team with Our Thorough Workshops and Training. 

We support your team with the ability to independently conduct advanced data analysis, reducing reliance on external consultants.

How it works

A sustainable future empowered by data


We believe that data-driven solutions have the potential to address complex challenges, from environmental sustainability to business optimisation, ultimately making the world a better place.


To drive positive change through data-driven solutions


We are committed to developing innovative solutions that empower individuals and organisations to make informed decisions, reduce their environmental footprint, and achieve their goals efficiently.


The intersection of technology and data science


Proficient in Python, SQL, machine learning, and data visualisation tools like Power BI and Tableau, we leverage the latest advancements to extract valuable insights from data.

Who are we
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Tel: 072-9738-5255

Victoria Building,
Teesside University,
Middlesbrough, UK

W. Edwards Deming

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion"

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