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  • Fitzroy Petgrave

Empowering Change: A Data Visualization Dashboard For The Eco Threads Project

Leveraging a Power BI dashboard to explore the potential of data visualisation in amplifying sustainable behaviours and encouraging transformative change.

The Eco Threads Project

In a world where climate change looms as an impending crisis, and environmental sustainability assumes greater importance by the day, initiatives such as The Eco Threads Project are emerging as beacons of positive transformation. This social project is driven by a deep commitment that encompasses several critical objectives:

  • Promoting Sustainable Living: The Eco Threads Project is dedicated to raising awareness about sustainable living practices.

  • Mitigating Plastic Pollution: They achieve this by regularly collecting plastics from schools, which are then transformed into school uniforms through recycling.

  • Providing Free School Uniforms: The project offers school children free uniforms made from recycled plastics.

Today, we're focusing on the introduction of their data visualisation dashboard—a powerful tool not only for tracking their progress but also for telling the compelling story of their mission.

Data Visualisation Project Overview

The Eco Threads Project is propelled by a resolute to maintain a data-driven approach characterised by the following objectives:

  • The tracking of quantities of collected materials over time.

  • The deduction of the total CO2 conserved as an outcome of their endeavours.

  • The assessment and comparison of participation rates across diverse schools.

  • The evaluation of participation levels across various geographical locations.

  • The impact report shared with all participating schools and stakeholders

The Power BI Dashboard

The Power BI dashboard presents a dynamic representation of the project's journey. Although the data contained therein is based on mock information due to the project's developing stage, it offers a glimpse into the potential impact of The Eco Threads Project.

Key Visualisations:

  • Tracking Quantities Collected Over Time: The line chart graphically portrays the collection efforts over time. While the numerical data remains fictitious, the trend underscores the growing influence of their actions.

  • Deducing Total CO2 Saved: The gauge chart is employed to estimate the carbon dioxide (CO2) savings attributable to the project. This not only underscores their environmental impact but also underscores the significance of prudent resource management.

  • Evaluating School Participation: The bar chart and data tables facilitate the comparison of participation rates among different schools. This insight aids in identifying schools that exemplify sustainability.

  • Assessing Location-Based Participation: A regional map offers a visual representation of participation rates by location, accentuating regions where their message resonates most powerfully.

The Narrative of Mock Data

During these initial stages, mock data serves as a vehicle for illustrating the project's potential. The transition to authentic data collection is currently underway, with plans for seamless integration into the dashboard as the project advances.

Benefits and Impact

The Power BI dashboard empowers informed decision-making, real-time progress monitoring, and the effective engagement of stakeholders. It stands as a visual representation of the project's commitment to a sustainable future.

Next Steps

The journey of The Eco Threads Project is in its initial phase. Plans are underway to initiate real data collection, consistently update the dashboard, and extend their reach to more schools and communities within the Tees Valley region in North East England.

Join this transformative journey, explore their dashboard, and please leave a comment to support the change they are igniting.


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